What is BOBware™?
BOBware™ is a software product designed specifically for the unique needs of the volumetric concrete industry. It has been created with the help and input of volumetric producers who have solved many of the industry's challenges. In a nutshell, BOBware™ helps your operation be more efficient and productive. That's why we call BOBware™ "The Productivity Admix".

BOBware™ helps you schedule customer orders and manage your trucks as efficiently as possible. By quickly showing you a day's orders and schedule for each truck, BOBware™ allows you and your dispatcher's to find breaks in the day where more orders can be filled as well as conflicts that will lower customer satisfaction. BOBware™ allows you to easily rearrange the schedule to maximize productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

Customer Tracking
BOBware™ keeps track of your customers. Once a customer is entered into the system, all of their information stays readily available. Does a customer require a purchase order to be given when making an order? BOBware™ makes sure the order-taker gets that PO. Are there several contacts for a customer? BOBware™ can keep track of all of them and even allow the assignment of one of those contacts to a given order. Best of all, BOBware™ will report on a customer's past orders and purchases.

BOBware™ helps you control your costs of production. By tracking exactly how much concrete has been delivered BOBware™ can let you know how much each yard of concrete is costing you to make, and even how much each yard of a particular mix design is costing.

Additionally, BOBware™ generates reports on daily deliveries with summaries by driver, truck, order, or customer. There are also reports for tracking a driver's production or a truck's production.

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